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Inspired Creativity...

Brooke's mom had this website and information on her blog so I decided to check it out! It's As soon as I saw it my mind raced a million miles an hour with tons of ideas for a book! Iv'e gotten so far behind on Luke's scrapbook and would really like to get it all done before the new baby comes, so I decided to make a book out of all his baby pictures and information that I saved. This will be a lot easier than scrapbooking even though I love scrapbooking so much! Last night I pulled out all of his baby stuff and started organizing pages and writing down ideas. I am making the book for Luke so I can give it to him when he has his own children. It has my pregnancy pictures, ultrasound pictures all the way til he turns 2. Including every date I wrote down and what he did on those days for his milestones. Information for every month of his life along with a picture for that month. I plan on doing this for all my kids and hopefully grandkids if this website is still going by then! We'll see if I can actually do it! I think I'm going to start a pregnancy journal so I can include that in the next baby's book. I also need to start taking monthly pics of my belly since it is growing so fast! I'm more than sure that David thinks this is so corny but it is beyond special to me, since I am emotionally attached to all the little things I have collected that has to do with Luke's life,.. It's a mother's thing I guess.Luke is feeling a lot better today. This morning we went on a 45 minute power walk down alluvial. He loved every minute of it and sat so still. As soon as he got in the stroller he was talking up a storm and didn't stop the whole walk. I was exhausted by the end of it. I need to walk every morning! I'm doing SO GOOD with the pregnancy weight this time. I'm proud of myself. Just to let you know by time i was 4 months with Luke I had already gained about 15 pounds! eek! I took "eating for 2" literally. NOT THIS TIME!
These leafy centerpieces look good enough to eat -- and they are. Keep them on a sunny windowsill when they're not adorning the table. To make picket-fence herb gardens, purchase a 5-by-8-inch wooden planter box with a bottom seam for drainage, and about 4 dozen wooden plant markers. Glue plant markers around the outside of the planter with wood glue, lining up the bottoms of the markers with the bottom of the planter. Paint planter with one coat of white latex paint. Line each planter with fine gravel or perlite for drainage, then fill with potting soil and two plants. Settle the potting soil around the plants, and water. We used sage and thyme, but any herb will work.

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