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Peach Rings and Pickles Juice...

Lately I've been craving peach rings sooo bad. David and I went grocery shopping yesterday and I finally got a bag! And, you know what... I already ate them all! It all started when I was at my mother in laws house and she had some sour gummi worms. I picked up a blue and orange one and the orange part tasted just like a peach ring! Ever since then I was begging David to get me some. Also, pickle juice! Yeah I eat the pickles but I'd rather drink pickle juice! Weird i know! When I was pregnant with Luke I wanted beef jerky and pickles. Now its peach rings and pickle juice. Not to mention I have basically become a vegetarian this pregnancy. Meat makes me SICK! I can't even cook it! I occasionally can eat some chicken but its so gross! I hope this wears off! I don't want to eat anything.

The past few days Luke has had the stomach flu. My poor baby! Hes been throwing up and diarrhea up the cazoo. He's going bonkers without MILK! He's also not eating much and yesterday he had a fever of 103.7! His fever has went away and I think the throwing up is done with but he's a little cranky and clingy! I have MOPS tonight and I would have to take him to the daycare if I go. I don't think I should but I missed last months meeting! If he is feeling better by time its ready to go maybe he'll be up to it. We'll see!

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