Potty Time!

Since yesterday I have been working with Luke a little bit on the "potty." He has been showing signs thats he is interested... For example, he LOVES to wipe his own booty after he goes #2! Also... he just loves wiping himself! He will runs to the wipes and get one out of the pack and wipe himself. So cute! Anyways, a few days ago I got his potty out of the closet that I was saving until he was ready. He showed interest by sitting on it and now understands that it is the potty. I tell him " go sit on the potty" and he runs into the bathroom and sits on it. Yesterday I kept his diaper off a little every now and then and would randomly sit him on the potty and tell him to go pp. He didn't understand and would think it was funny but... TODAY HE FINALLY WENT ON THE POTTY!!! He had gotten out of the bath 20 minutes prior and was still naked. He started to pee a little and grabbed himself and crossed his legs to hold it in. I grabbed him really fast and ran him to the potty and told him to sit down and go pp and so he sat and started going!!!! I am soooo extremely proud of him! Hopefully this wasn't a one time deal. I hope there is more to come! I will just have to keep working with him and stay on top of it! This could be a dream come true!!

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Brooke said...

Ohhh the joys of potty training!! I can't wait! That is great that he is even interested! I remember my brothers being scared to death of it...so you are on the right track!