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A Little Prince and a Glam Girl!

I'm entering the world of having a daughter along with my super handsome little man. Yes, I know EVERY mother thinks their baby is the best looking and I'm one of those mommies! Anyways, this little girl has amped up my creativity and my drive to create! Thats all I think about now! As soon as I get my sewing machine fixed its ON! I have soooo many ideas flying through my head and I can't wait to create them. Bows and dresses and blankies...crocheting glam little beanies to adorn with big bows and flowers covered in swarovski crystals. I'm going nuts with ideas. I'm really accepting the fact thing I'm having a girl. The more I think about it the happier I get! I know Luke will be the best big brother. He is the center of my world and I Love him sooo much! I will be posting pics of my creations and yes I will post ultrasound pics soon!!! I'm too lazy to get my camera out of the car!

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