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Tag your it!!

Sooo I haven't blogged in forever! So much has been going on! Luke turned 2 on the 14th!! I had a Paul Mitchell photoshoot yesterday... Lots of doc appts... I'll be 30 weeks on nov 5th! Time is flying. David just got back from his cross country trip starting in New York. I'm so glad he is home!

6 Random things about me....

1. I've always wanted to be a fashion designer. I want to have my own clothes line... Casual wear... it is a work in progress right now and I couldn't be more excited! I'll keep you updated as each step comes into play... so far I have a wholesale license/seller's permit and a business/ clothes line name and LOGO!... YAY! I'm not gonna tell anyone what it is get! Hidden meaning.

2. I love everything that is leopard or zebra print. Especially leopard. I don't know why! Jewelry, purses, decor and clothes! I just have a thing for it I guess.

3. I save everything that has meaning to me. Every letter and card from David... movie tickets, concert tickets, pictures that Luke draws ( i mean scribbles). Luke's birthday candles... sweet text messages... and anything else! seriously. I have everything that david has given me ever since we met!

4. I'm obsessed with taking pictures. I'm a wanna be photographer I guess. I don't ever think I'll consider myself a professional even though I have to try to produce professional quality pictures for some people. It's more of a hobby turned into a JOB. I hate photographing KIDS unless it's Luke!

5. I love candles and decorating. I'm obsessed with candles. I want to buy one everytime I go to target or walmart... You can never have enough in my opinion.

6. My nails ALWAYS have to be painted. I can't stand when I have nothing on them!


I will post pics soon of everything!

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