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Time for the fair + one big mess!


Luke had a lot of fun at the Fresno Fair! He LOVED looking at all the animals but was afraid to touch them! He is obsessed with barn animals! He drags out all of his books with pictures of them in it and points to them and says what they are and what sound they make. He loves cows! Weird I know... little okie boy. Papa Terry should be proud! David had a 18" corn dog and everyone stopped and stared and asked where he got it. We felt like we were on display. It was embarassing and annoying because we were trying to eat. I didn't get to walk through the photography part. = ( Hopefully I will go back!

Luke made a HUGE mess with his ice cream sandwich. He smeared it everywhere! He loves to have dessert after dinner right before his bath... Luke is turning 2 next week!

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