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Naked Fugitive!

Yesterday Mr. Luke decided to run away. No joke. We just had gotten him out of the shower and I went into his room to get him clothes and by time I came out he had ran out the front door! I immediately threw clothes on with no shoes and my hair was soaking wet and I went running for him. I kept yelling for him... then it turned into a SCREAM... I checked every street around me. I walked down fowler ( hence I was in my robe on fowler practically naked underneath) then I ran back home to put on more clothes and shoes and grabbed Taylee and started running with her screaming and bawling my head off. Still NO luke. An old lady drove by me and stopped becuz I was in obvious panic and she asked me what was wrong. I started crying even harder and said... " Have you seen a little boy?, he's 2 years old and I cant find my him. Please help me find my son!" She immediately starte driving around the neighborhood looking for him. I ran back inside my house and called David.... He came home and on his way home he called my mother in law and she came over and called 911! The dispatcher asked what he looked like and what he was wearing... HE WAS NAKED!!! The police arrived and searched for him. I had the whole neighborhood searching for him... I was in panic. You can only imagine what I felt not knowing where my son was for about an hour. Finally after the cops arrived and questioned me the cop was informed that he was found. A man had seen him running naked down the street and took him into his house and called 911. The cop then took us to the house where they released him over to us wrapped in a fireman's jacket becuz he was butt naked!.. I was so relieved to see Luke again. All I did was cry and hold him. I was thinking someone could kidnap him or he could fall into the canal near by. I am thankful he came home. I now know what having a missing child feels like. The worst feeling you could ever feel.

- Now I can happily say that we had a deadbolt installed on the front door today!


Brooke said...

OMG! That is crazy! Parker would totally do something like that! At least there are some nice people in this world. Wow. I am in shock!

Aunt Jan said...

What a way to start the day. Thank God he was found safe & sound, & you have such caring neighbors.

I wonder what he was thinking in his lil head about where he was going... to do some shopping, get some ice cream, hunting for bears... LOL

Love You Guys XOXOXO