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Are you kidding me!?

As I was putting the roast into the crock pot this morning for my yummy at home dinner date with my Hubby ( The kids are going to their grandma's for the evening YIPPEE!)

My son ran up to me and told me "It's HOT Momma."

I thought he was referring to the the humidifier which he had burnt his finger on earlier in the week and remembered it was hot.

I dismissed it and kept on cooking. He ran up to me again and said " Momma it's HOT." I thought OK I need to see if he is talking about the humidifier.

I walked into the bedroom to find............... He found the iron and plugged it in and laid it on the carpet and............ the CARPET MELTED!!


MY new home! New carpet!!

He found the ONE stinkin plug that wasn't baby proofed in the whole house and plugged in the IRON!

I'm sick to my stomach!

I'm going to have to put my little monkey in a cage while I cook!

I can't even turn my back for one second without him going on an adventure!


Patricia said...

oh no.. your son sounds so much like mine. He's not quite 2 yet but already he's heading to give me a coronary.

That's so too bad about your carpet!

Brooke said...

OMG! Seriously, you leave the room for one minute and something in the house is destroyed! I feel for you, but I only have one kid!