Marker Make-up

So I think I have become addicted to blogging. I find myself wanting to blog about everything that happens to me! I have to wait til the next day to blog or else I'd be blogging multiple times a day!

Yesterday afternoon I let my 2yr old son draw. He is such an artistic little guy, it's hard for me to tell him NO when he asked to do something creative.

I put him in a chair and pushed him over to the center counter in the kitchen. I let him dry there so if he misses the paper it will wipe off easily. (Take note mommies) Which is better than him drawing on the walls like he did with a PERMANENT MARKER!

(QUICK TIP: Use toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub permanent marker off of walls.) It takes a lot of scrubbing but it will come off and is well worth it!

I then grabbed the bucket of markers and some paper and gave them to him. He immediately grabbed the color of choice and drew away.

I was in the midst of my never ending laundry while Luke was on his "artistic adventure" so I left him for a minute and walked into the garage to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

I walked back into the house to find.... my son was completely naked! Not only was he naked but he had colored all over himself!

He colored his eyelids pink for eyeshadow...his lips green for lipstick... his hands,feet,legs,arms and stomach were covered and then I looked down and his "PRIVATE AREA" was completely colored RED! The whole THING!

I quickly grabbed my camera ( Indeed I will show his wife one day) and snapped a picture of my little artist. It was hilarious!

I can't show the picture because my little guy is butt naked!


Cake Box Cookies

2 eggs
1 package(18.25 ounce) white cake mix
1/2 cup veggie oil

1. Mix together cake mix, eggs and oil in a large bowl.
2. Make little balls with the dough and place on cookie sheet.
3. Bake at 350 degrees for 4-10 minutes.

You can even try different kinds of cake mix! YUMMY!



Nothing makes a girl more put together than a nice manicure. This Spring, look for bold tones and bright colors when selecting your new nail polish.
Also a celeb trend this spring is metallic nail polish! Gold and silver are a must!


Lisa@saltandlightstudio said...

Hey girl!

First off, LOVE your blog, so sassy! The story about your little ones "artistic abilities" is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing that!

Glad you decided to join BlogBaby, we're happy to welcome you to our little family!


Ink Obsession Designs said...

This may be one of the funniest stories I've ever read! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Patricia said...

that is hysterical. I love it! My daughter once got into acrylic paint and painted her entire body.. I was too freaked at the paint on the new carpet to take a picture.. I wish I had though.

Love the cookie recipe.

I roll called under you at SITS today so I thought I'd check you and was glad I did. Love your blog