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Red Chocolate Make-up.

SO here I am once again blogging about how my SON uses everything as make-up! He watches me put it on every morning so he is getting it from ME!

I was in the middle of baking...melting red vanilla chips from Michaels to make vanilla covered oreos. My son Luke ran up to me asking for some "Candy."

I grabbed one of the round little chips and gave it to him and he ran off into the living room to watch cartoons.

About a minute later I hear my 2 month old daughter crying. She was laying in the bouncer in the living room.

I knew my son had ran in there... and I know he LOVES and I mean LOVES to kiss his baby sister, even if he is a little rough with her.

I thought ok leave her alone!

I proceeded to the living room.

As soon as I turned the corner I saw my son's hands covered red and my daughter's eyes and cheeks bright red.

I immediately freaked out and ran over to her.

Oh my goodness it's BLOOD!!! (or so I thought)

What did he do to her!!!???

Then my son turned towards me and I saw his face. He had red circles over his eyes for eyeshadow.

I then looked on the floor and saw the red candy!

What a relief.

He used the red vanilla candy for make up!

I snapped a picture with my phone.



This is his version of eyeshadow. This picture doesn't do my baby justice. He doesn't even look like this!
Here are my babies...


This definitely shows what happens at my house... Luke looks mischievous because he was just pestering his sister and Taylee is crying because she was being picked on! Kodak moment.. or in my case NIKON moment.Gotta love them.


Brooke said...

Ha! So Parker totally knows how to put on makeup too! Thats so funny.

Patricia said...

*L* okay right now I'm thankful that we don't have a littler child for our son to "pick" on.

Love it!

Ashley said...

Stopping in from SITS.
Your kids are precious :)