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My God is greater. My Testimony,

For some reason I feel compelled to share my testimony. I never talk about it. I never thought I would... It's in the past and I can thank Jesus for that.... and here is Taylee's story.

It was September 08' and I was 18 weeks pregnant. My husband and I got out of the car feeling so anxious. We were about to walk into the imaging office for an ultrasound to find out whether or not we were having a little boy or little girl. I thought for sure I would be having a little boy who we were going to name Elijsha Enoch Yancey( our baby EEYore.) I somehow had been thinking deep down that maybe just MAYBE I could be having a sweet daughter.... but then again I thought there was NO chance for PINK! My husband had embedded in my mind that he will only have boys. I sat in the waiting room about to pee my pants. I had taken the whole "drink however many ounces and don't go pee" thing to the extreme. I danced around until they called my name.... Teryn Yancey.... Oh yes thats me! I got up quickly and walked to the ultrasound room with my husband by my side. I slowing got up on the chair and asked when I would be able to go pee... I was almost begging her because man I was in pain! She told me I could in a few minutes... She then gooped me up with the jelly and started looking around and said " Oh WOW no wonder why you asked to use to bathroom! I can't even see the baby because your bladder is so full. Please go now! So I hopped off the chair and ran as fast as I could to find relief. Whew. All better. I hopped back on the chair and she gooped me up once again and started looking around. Our baby was being stubborn at first. Wouldn't open up to let us see if it was our son or daughter... Finally after prodding around she announced it was a baby girl! I was secretly estatic but in shock at the same time. I looked over at my hubby to find him pale and in shock and I thought he was going to pass out. I laughed to myself. The ultrasound lady continued to do her business and then off we went to celebrate!!

A week later my O.B called. I answered thinking it would be the N.P. letting me know when my next appt. was but boy was I wrong....

Dr. said.... Teryn, we have something we would like to inform you of. I said Ok...." You're ultrasound came back abnormal." I then asked what do you mean? Then she said.... Teryn I'm sorry your baby is going to have Down Syndrome. I was in shock. I immeadiately started to curse those words in Jesus' name and did NOT believe it. I gave the enemy no room to hurt my baby. She asked me if I had done the blood work to check for DS and I told her NO... I had refused it on multiple occasions. Why would I need to do that? My God is greater. It wouldn't matter what a stupid test said. She then proceeded to tell me I better get in the office ASAP for the testing and that I would be sent to a Genetic Specialist. I was livid. I hung up the phone and bawled my eyes out. Not because I believed it, but because I was just told my baby would be mentally retarted.

I immeadiately called my husband and bawled to him. I could barely speak. He sweetly calmed me down with his words of wisdom ( man how I love that man) and told me those words were a lie! Which they were. The devil was trying to get me to believe it!

We started to raise up our prayer army... our pastors.... family.... seeking God's face in the midst of all of this....

Another week went by and we went into the O.B's office for further discussion of our so called
" down syndrome" baby.... She asked me... Do you want to keep it? I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!?? I can't believe you just asked me that. I'm not an idiot. My god is greater.

She looked at me like I was crazy and then told me that everything pointed to Down Syndrome.
She had multiple holes in her heart.... and an ecogenic bowel. She wasn't in good shape. I STILL REFUSED the blood test to prove it. I had no need to do it. It wasn't true in my book. I refused to believe all of this medical junk.

A week went by from seeing the O.B and we walked into the Genetic Specialists Office.
( Remember it was a defenite YES that our baby was going to be SPECIAL)...

I prayed in spirit as I sat down and waited for the Specialists to come in. Long in depth details were asked about family history... I'm telling you I was so pissed at the Devil I could barely see straight. I knew he had already been defeated. He was a liar! He was not making my baby special. No way in hell! The genetics specialist gooped up my belly and looked around. She looked quite a bit... in detail, much more than the 1st ultrasound... I kept asking God to show her that it was a lie too. After an intense ultrasound she turned to my husband and I and she looked confused... I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING! There is no sign of Down Syndrome. There are no holes in your baby's heart and nothing wrong with her bowel. Your baby is perfect!

I thought to myself... MY GOD IS GREATER! Screw you Devil your always a liar.

It was such a relief to hear those words... 20 weeks later I delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl. Praise God.

Prayer does work and it was because we tithe that my baby is whole. She has the DNA of God and is a child of God. God healed her little body inside of me. All because of the tithe the enemy could not touch nor destroy my seed ( my child). I am so thankful.

So you see I am telling you that tithing does work! If you give your 10% to God then he will open the windows of heaven over you. You will give him the opportunity to bless you in unimaginable ways. Tithe with a willing, happy heart.

My baby is a Testimony!

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Brooke said...

I totally understand! We went through something similar with Parker and had to see a specialist for Downs Syndrome. But it turned out he was fine. Parker has definitely helped my testimony grow! So for Parkers party we are doing a Disney theme since he is obsessed with Mickey and Toy story. I think as of right now I am good, but if I need any help I will for sure let you know! Thanks!!