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Child's Silhouette tutorial

2.cardstock any color camera
4.spray paint (if you dont have the color paper you want)
5. fabric or paper for background
* Using a digital camera, photograph your subject from their profile side. I suggest  shooting against a a plain wall or a white paper to make it easier to  remove the background in photoshop.
* Open the picture in Photoshop. Use the Quick selection  tool to select the background and then it will outlined.  Go to 'edit' and click 'cut.' The background will disappear and turn black.

*Next select the background again witht he quick selection tool and choose the background eraser on the left side. Erase the background so now it looks checkered. Continue to erase until only the colored head remains.

*Now deselect the background and select (with QUICK SELCECTION)the head. Choose the paint brush and paint all of the head black. NOW YOU WILL END UP WITH THIS BELOW...

 *You can erase hairs that are out of place or anything that doesnt look right.

* Next, save your image for the web and choose the file .PNG

*Now open your silhouette software and open you image in your documents.
It will bring up the image but you wont be able to send it to the machine just yet.

* Go to the top right corner and open the "OPEN TRACE WINDOW"
it will look like a blue shape outlined in yellow. select it.

*select the the area of the your silhouette by dragging your side to make a square over your silhouette.

* It will then be selected. Then drag your silhouette to the side and delete it.
You will be left with the outline of your silhouette.

*Place your cardstock on your cutting mat and send to silhouette to cut

This is what came out of mine.
I used gray cardstock and then spray painted the cardstock with flat black.
I ran out of black cardstock.
This is the before and after of painting

 This is both of them spray painted.

 I then took the 2 oval ornate framed that I found at a thrift store, soaked the glass and scraped off the floral pictures. I then traced the back of the frames and cut out off white cardstock.

I then placed the black silhouettes on the oval off white cardstock wit glue and inserted them into the frames and placed the backs back on. This is how they turned out.


The family wall is coming along. One more thing to make for it.

These photos are baby pictures of me, my hubby and kids all around the same age to compare similarity.

Me and my daughter are on the right and my hubby and son on the right.


Lift Like A Mom said...

I've soooo been wanting to do that! I love it. Now I'm going to have to see about getting photoshop :)

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

I've been wanting to make these. I love the vintage frames you used to display them. I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky @

Lauren {whimsy lane} said...

I'm a pre-k teacher and I've always wanted to do this! Too bad I don't have Photoshop :(

Anyway, glad I found your blog! :)