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Ruffled burlap FALL banner tutorial

 This project is super easy! Very little sewing so here is a short tutorial cuz IT'S FALL Y'ALL!

1/2 yard burlap
sewing machine
glue gun
black cardstock or heat transfer material
silhouette machine

Start out by cutting burlap into 2 1/2 inch strips.
I cut mine the length of 1 yard so I used 2 strips.
If you are using 1/2 yard try 4 strips. They will shrink when you ruffle.

I then sewed the strips together by width so it made one continuous strip.

  run your burlap through the sewing machine in the center of your strip. I didn't use a ruffler foot so I did all the ruffle by hand. You want to bunch as you go and sew over the little bunches.
This will be what your ruffle strip will look like.
(there is 2 strips here folded to make 4 just for picture)

 Cut out 4 triangles the size and exact triangle shape you'd like.

Iron your burlap pieces
Then glue gun your triangles to the bottom edge of your ruffle. Makre sure to space them out perfectly leaving room on the side to pin up.
Use your silhouette or hand cut out your letters. I chose to use black cardstock. It was the fastest thing to use.

Then lay out your letters on each triangle and hot glue the carstock letters to the burlap...

and then your done! Super easy right? and looks super cute!

you can do any words for any holiday. I will definitely be making more of these because it was so easy!
A beginner sewer's project!

Just make sure the more letters you do the longer your ruffle strip is!

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Aaron said...

I included your banner in my Thrifty Inspiration round-up today! What a great project!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Nicely done! I'm doing mine in muslin!

southwest travel said...

I've always adored vintages, what you've done was pretty attractive. I love the color and your design look s very neat and cute. That just brought up my day!