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Fright Fest & Halloween

This past week has been super busy. I find that I get less and less time to blog which is no bueno. Blogs are very time consuming! Just sayin!

The day before Halloween, my hubby, sister, brother, dad and I took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in CA. If you have never been there, you totally should check it out. AMAZING! Well, that is if you love being whipped, tossed,spun and thrown around along with high speed! Since we went the day before Halloween, they turned the park into "Fright Fest." Which I TOTALLY HATE scary stuff. At 7 pm monsters,demons,witches,dead people,gargoyles and just plain ugly things come out into the dark and scare you on purpose! They walk through the lines, come up right behind you and punk you or scream. They get right in your face. Not cool!

I am the BIGGEST chicken when it comes to that stuff. I wanted to cry. I know, I know big baby but true. After a while I became brave and wasnt as scared as when it started. I actually walked through dark places with them jumping out and I came out alive! Here is proof of me being brave...

The guy screamed during the pic hoping to get a reaction out of my sister and I. That would have been hilarious if I fell for it.

We came home just in time for trick or treating the next is a lil peak at what my Halloween consisted of...
             My son was Luigi and my daughter was Rapunzel and the middle guy is my husband...  We trick or treated til our hearts content and then called it a night. Hope you had a fun, safe halloween!

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