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homemade beer rocks

Last night for dinner I made homemade chicken pot pie (recipe to come soon) and homemade beer rocks. Let me just say that I LOVE beer rocks. These aren't super tradional because I don't yous sauerkraut but they still are delish! They were super easy to make and fun to have your kids help with.

Note: I didn't take step by step pics and for the top pic I used my phone and it was dark! Sorry!

Also, I didn't measure ANYTHING! I just put in how much I needed.

BEER ROCKS Vintage Romance style!

What you need:
-head of green cabbage
-1lb ground Turkey (because it's way better for you!!)
-1 white onion chopped
-Garlic salt
-1 pack frozen Ready Dough loaves (in freezer section at the grocery store)

1. Preheat your oven 425 degrees

2. Thaw out your bread dough in the microwave. I put 1 loaf in the microwave for 1 minute and it was good to go. I also was impatient and didn't let the dough rise and it still worked out good.

3. In one one large pan cook your turkey meat with garlic salt and pepper til almost done. While it is cooking chop your onion and cabbage (however much you think you will need. I didnt measure anything)(it also depends on how many you are making) and then throw it in when the turkey is almost done. Place the lid on and let everything cook until done and cabbage and onion are soft. Season everything to taste with garlic salt and pepper.

4. Spray your cookie sheet with pam and grab a small ball of dough in your hand. Flatten out and place your cabbage mix on top. Then grab another ball and flatten out and lay on top of that. Pinch sides together with fork.

5. Place in the oven and check on them every so often. Keep them in until they are golden brown. I didnt time them I just watched until they were brown.

6. Then take them out, let them cook slightly and enjoy!

My hubby eats them with mustard! Even the kids loved them! You can even try whole wheat dough to make them even healthier!

Have a happy healthy day!

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