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No staple chicken wire photo frame TUTORIAL

 I had been seeing a lot of chicken wire used lately and was definitely inspired by it. It is super cute and also a cute way to bring a little shabbyness to your space. I had the frame laying around and got some chicken wire from my dad. I couldn't find my staple gun for the life of me so I had to improvise for real. I was too impatient to wait for it to show up. I'm the kind of girl that when crafting, if I am inspired I want the project done fast! Here is the tutorial for the NO STAPLE chicken wire photo frame.
Chicken wire a little bigger than the back of your frame
Wire cutters
glue gun
painting tape or duct tape
small clothes pins(I found my at michaels)
A frame.

Take off the back of your frame and take out with pliers the little staples that hole the back on if they are there.
Cut your wire a little bigger than the back of your frame with wire cutters
and lay it on the back with the frame face down.
When your chicken wire is positioned right with a little hanging over each side start glue gunning it down where the wire touches the frame.
With the glue still HOT lay your tape over it and push it down so it holds it in place.
Once one side is down you can stretch the chicken wire so it lays flat and glue as you stretch, put your tape down and hold it til it stays put.
Continue all the way around.
Once you are done, take your wire cutters and cut off all the extra wire up by the tape.
Then you are done! SUPER EASY!
(this photo was taken as I was finishing up gluing the last side.)

Here it is with sides clipped and hung up!
I then hung up some old family photos that all had to do with our lives in Oct with small clothes pins!
NOTE: I did not use the super tiny clothes pins. it is almost a medium size.

Have a good day and happy crafting!

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Unknown said...

Wow! that's really amazing photo frames. this is perfect to give a batter look of my photo.

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Unknown said...

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Defiant Panda said...

Yes wow that is amazings frames for the pictures of hanging... Thank you so much for showing of the picture of framing for hangings of the photos with the wire of chickens.