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Organized Home- Kitchen

Organzing your home
This is my journey to an organized home...learn with me!


Christmas is fast approaching, yes I keep reminding you, and then the NEW YEAR will be here. As for me, I don't want to have to wait til January 1st to start my new year's resolution. I'm horrible at keeping them just like everyone else. BUT I'm hoping to keep this one. Tonight I started purging the kitchen. One room at a time I will chuck, throw, toss anything that I don't need or use anymore. This is hard for me because I am ALWAYS saying Oh what if I need it later?? NOT ANYMORE!

I have pulled everything out cabinet by cabinet...
wiped down the cabinet then sprayed with lysol.
make a pile for the things you haven't used in a while and things you dont want.

(here is my dont want pile as of right now)
Put everything back in in a organized way that you will need or want.

Less is more.
If you havent touched it in months...toss it!
Get rid of miss matched lost pieces.
bulky appliances that you dont use. toss!
You can donate or have a yard sale for everything that you get rid of.

Organize using labels and baskets.

Place cork on the bottom of your drawers so your utensils don't slide around.

Wipe down drawers.
You don't need to fill up EVERY space in your cabinet. it's ok to have empty ones.
Keep things that are used daily in easy to reach and get places.
Have a place for seasonal things.
Place a notepad and pen on the side of the fridge or somehwere in your kitchen to easily jot down things you need to buy or run out of.

I am FAR from organized but tonight is my first step towards it!

P.S I havent even started any kind of decor for the kitchen. The cabinets needs a makeover and knobs and handles!


Lift Like A Mom said...

Whoa! where did you get those canisters?? I am so in love with them!!

And this is great advice :)

Vintage Romance Style said...

I got them at ROSS for $6.99. It comes in gold or silver and then I added vinyl on the front for the label