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rose care tips by h&e nursery

Every girl loves roses...especially this girl! Here are a few tips from Whitney @ H&E Nursery located in fresno and clovis, CA! 

Spring Rose Care
1. Prune roses in early spring once the rose starts to show signs of new growth, usually in the form of tiny red buds swelling. These buds will become new branches.

2. Cut out any obviously dead or damaged branches first. Then cut out all but four or five healthy stems, each ideally about as thick as a pencil.

3. Cut the rose bush back by 1/3 to 1/2, depending on how tall you want it to be. Make these cuts right above an outward facing bud - that is, a red bud that's on the outside of the rose bush. This directs the bud to grow up and out, leaving the center of the rose bush open for a prettier shape and better air circulation.

4 .Fertilize roses regularly during the growing season. Roses are hungry plants, demanding lots of nutrients for best growth and flowering. Each rose grower has his or her own favorite method. One of our favorite is the Dr. earth organic Rose food located at the Clovis Location.

5 Water. Roses need a steady source of water during the growing season! During the winter you don’t have to worry about them too much!
Summer Rose Care
1 Mulch. Roses need less weeding and watering and have fewer diseases if you mulch. Lay down 1 to 2 inches of organic mulch. We recommend Black forest humus (Clovis Location)or Gold rush(Fresno location)

2 Deadhead. This simply means trimming dead roses off the shrub to encourage it to produce more.

3 Spray. If your rose becomes diseased or has an insect infestation, you may want to deal with it by spraying. (However, first try simply trimming off the diseased portion of the plant and giving the plant a good strong blast from a hose or soapy water ) If you choose to spray, first identify the problem by trimming off the diseased part and taking it to the nursery, where our staff can prescribe the correct pesticide or herbicide.
Fall and Winter Rose Care
1 .Stop fertilizing roses in early autumn, at least one month before our first frost. Fertilizing too long into autumn encourages roses to produce tender new growth that will get nipped by cold.( ITS TOO COLD NOW ) :)

2 .We are fortunate and don’t get cold enough to have to worry about covering our roses, but if you are in a colder climate then here in Fresno CA you just might have to protect them from the cold!
 You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses” In this case you can rejoice that we will have a 95% thorn free rose this spring called SMOOTH LADY! This year we only were able to get them in a 36" tree's but we are happy we get to try it on out! Roses can brighten a day, Put a smile on a face and help in time of grieving. Roses are beautiful at any age and come in all shapes and sizes. H&E nursery does not discriminate as we will have over 100 different varieties. We normally have our Roses out by January 15th and both locations have a great selection! Here are some easy steps to take care of your roses in the different seasons! Just remember to take time and smell the roses!

Thank you H&E Nursery for sharing your awesome rose tips! Don't forget to check them out if you live in this area! They have beautiful plants!                                     

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