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become a better you!

Since this is the New is time for change! It's a new beginning, new opportunities, a fresh outlook and we all have a little more positivity. We have a whole year to accomplish all of our goals for 2012. We set resolutions and most the time don't follow through with our promises for the New Year. When is the last time you set your mind to becoming a better you? It feels SO good to feel good about yourself. No more excuses, just do it! Take the time to better yourself. In the long run when you give yourself some "me" time, you will be happier and the people around you will be happier. Your kids will thank you! Every New Year since I had my first baby, I've said that I was gonna get HOT again and tone up...time goes by and the daily grind gets the best of me. Feeding kids, changing diapers, running errands, picking up all the toys...there is hardly any time for myself. I took a look on Pintrest for "before and after" pictures of success stories of weight loss and toning up. I thought to, that could be me! I could have a mini transformation and feel so good about myself. Then I thought...just get up and do it! We are always going to say oh I'll do it tomorrow, another day, I'm too busy. It's so easy to type all this but actually doing it is another thing. Let's see if I can do this!

Here's the plan and hopefully I can inspire YOU!

1.Keep a journal...vent to it. Record what you eat and when you work out. Also weigh in once a week and write it down in it. My hubby gave me an awesome journal and pen for christmas with a sweet note in it.

2. Make smarter food choices. Swap out junk for nuts, fruits and veggies. This is hard for me because I can live off of chocolate.

3. Get up and get moving. Try to hit the gym or if you can't purchase workout videos. I do both but rarely actually make it to the gym.

The shred is awesome and I've seen so many great before and after pics. This works!

if you want a great backside and firm thighs!

I'll keep you updated if I can stick to this! Can't go wrong with Jillian! Time to get HOT!

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