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happy new year and birthday to Taylee!

First off let me start off by saying....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012 will be a year of new things and blessings. This is our year! I'm on a mission to get my house totally cleaned out (yes I'm spring cleaning right now) and organized. My hubby still doesnt belive that I can do it let alone keep it that way. I will try my very best to prove him wrong. I have a bad habit of keeping everything that means something to me. Even clothes but I have been wearing my big girl panties and tossing things with only keeping memories of how they made me feel. I had clothes from the 7th grade. Yes I still fit in them but they arent my style anymore and I have been holding onto them because of how I felt back then when I wore them. I have saved every letter, movie stub, ticket for anything my hubby and I went to together. I thinks this year I will try and finish scrapbooks I've started. Once my house is in order then I can spend more times with my kids and finish projects that have been neglected. That is my goal and I am motivated! LIVE ON PURPOSE!

Do you ever feel like you keep stuff around because you "might need it one day" or you are emotionally attached to it. Keep was is really important to you in an organized and CUTE way and sometimes you just have to let go. DO NOT STORE YOUR TREASURES ON EARTH FOR THEY WILL PASS AWAY. STORE YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE IT TRULY IS AND FOREVER WILL BE. When your life is said and done...what will people say about you and what will God say to you when your look back at your life together and he shows you what His plan really was?

 Yesterday, Jan 2, 2012 was Taylee's birthday. This picture is from only 4 months ago. Wow she has changed so much in looks and personality. Shes a total ham and my best friend. Let me just say that she loves to go JUNKING with me. Best friends for life! She is so precious, silly and has a beautiful loving heart just at the age of 3. She loves animals, anything pink and princess, nail polish, lip gloss, cooking, jewelry and playing dress up. Her brother is her best friend and they look out for one another. I am blessed to have her as my daughter and even though it is bittersweet to see her grow up, I am looking forward to see the mighty woman of God she will become. God has an amazing plan for her life and her life is a testimony to all that hear. She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb with multiple complications and wasn't going to be a normal full of life baby girl. My God is greater and completely healed her! She was born perfect! Praise God!

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