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i got my booty whipped

This past sunday morning...I got to be a part of an amazing women's workout. I got up at 6:15 AM to workout in the FREEZING cold. Like as in the track was icy! So many energetic girls showed up to get their butts whipped into shape by Miss Fit! I thought I was kinda crazy to be doing this but hey I'm working towards my goal and was pumped.

This was so awesome because it was ALL women...no guys allowed that way women could feel comfortable and have fun! Meets new friends too!

The workout started at 7:00 AM and lasted for about 45 minutes. This wasn't a lolly gag kinda work out. It was a lil intense and man am I feeling it even today. My thighs are still HURTING like a motha!

Don't let this "standing around" pic fool you. We were dyin!

There I am in the blue sweatshirt waiting for my partner to get back from running.

We started out with a partner. One partner would do 50 continuous squats "booty to heels" and then immediately go run a lap around the track. Then when you get back your partner does the same until both of you have done 200 squats and ran 1 mile!

I didn't take my camera but next time I will! These pics were taken from Miss Fit's FB...
Every Sunday this month @ 7AM!

Yay for getting fit!


Amanda Hill said...

I want to go this Sunday but after reading your post I am super intimidated! haha

TerynAshleyJewelry said...

I know this sunday will be different. its at woodward park. It did whip my booty big time!