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inspiration to D.I.Y for

Hole-ee french toast batman! I'm obsessed with this. I came acrossed this amaz-ZING pic via Pintrest. I had to stop drooling. This is perfection for me. It's simples BUT the whole reason why I am in love is because it is mixing modern with rustic shabbyness. D.I.E for reals people. I found that exact rug here...
not to mention it is a super reasonable price considering how much rugs are! 74 bucks! Score. This is on my birthday list.

Personally, not too sure about the huge amount of the streamlined look. I would add a lot more shabbyness. I'm loving the black & white with pale hues. IN LOVE not to put my own twist on it.

I've been in a semi decorating rut. Not sure where to go from where I am. I want to add color but not sure what.

I have a stenciled wall behind the couch. I need a new couch so bad!

I want to use pale tones but also with little pops of color here and there. Seriously why can't Nate Berkus show up at my door and give my house a makeover. Dreeeeaming!

So for now I'll start with the rug and figure out my colors!

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