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Organizing accessories

How are your New Year's resolutions working out for you? Mine are going good! This is only week 2 so, so far so good! Let's talk about that at the end of the month mmm k and see what I say then. =) My 2 were losing weight...bringing  sexy back as my hubby and I call it and organizing. Remember how I said I wanted to prove my hubby wrong? Yes, I'm working hard at that!

Ok, back on track here! I am up to my elbows in getting things done. Like, no sleep, staying up til all hours but THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! PTL!

Anyways, this lil workin out mama... Yes I'm feeling tired but good has already cleaned out the kitchen,cleaned out the master closet, and my sons room so here are some organizational ways to make your spaces cute and clutter free.

 Organizing could and should be fun right? I think so. I also think that a lot of people think organizing is expensive. That you have to buy all these different baskets, bins, shelves and so on to get organized. Well, all those things are optional BUT man alive!!!!!!!! THEY MAKE IT SO MUCH BETTER. Like the cherry on stinkin top better. It feels so good to have those baskets and the so called "right" things. But hey, DONT buy it all at once because the stored will cut your arm off for payment. Take it one day and step at a time. When you can and see something on sale grab it! Also, my secret it to hit up marshalls, tjmaxx and ross along with homegoods for all the cute organizing stuff! For reals!

Here are couple of mine! I'll be adding more as I go along.

Bronze Shower caddy. These are so awesome because there is NOTHING on the shower floor and you don't have to bend over to get it so it's a win win.
Here is a close of up the caddy. way cute. Ross $9.99
Hanging closet organizer for pants or sweaters. shirts ect...I folded some of my fave jeans so they are easy to reach, cuz I'm short! (I haven't organizied my clothes yet, just got rid of a lot of them!) Target $9.99
I was on a mission to find one of these! I searched high and low. I thought of using a dish rack but this is better! It's an OFFICIAL lid rack! Ross $4.99
clear over the door hanging shoe rack...just not starting to put my shoes up and yes I have more than 3 pairs! I got this at target a few years ago...not sure how much it is. Under $10.

Starting to put hubby's shoes up...Shoe rack from target...
I can't wait to decorate my closet and make it girly...I'm sure my hubby will appreciate the glamour...NOT!

These were all cheap ways to help me organize but made a huge difference!

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