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creating a flow of colors in your home

I've been thinking a lot lately on how to harmonize my color pallete in my home. I've been "trying" for it to all flow together but somehow feel like it's off. When I first moved in I painted all the main areas of the home beige and it was before I decided to go light and add shabby pieces. Here is the beige color...
So with that at my neutral I need to pick some other colors that flow together. Kinda easier said than done because I can't make up my mind for the kitchen and accent colors for a few rooms.

I'm really loving the aqua and yellow thing going on and I definitely want something to brighten up the rooms! I want it to feel bright and cheery not drab like it's feeling now.


This is the chair pads I have in my dining room...the photo makes it look brighter than what it is but I LOVE everything about this....the aqua, yellow, green and different blues.

I used to see what other colors would go with it...

Pineapple Sorbet
Classic Key Lime
Mint Shake
Almost Aqua
Soft Meadow
Khaki Green
Classic Key Lime
Sea Glass Green
Teal Lake
Silver Birch

I love the Almost aqua, mint shake and silver birch with a light yellow.

Here are some tips from blog written by Ana White.

With today’s open floor plans, it has become more difficult to give separate spaces their own personality, yet still blend with adjoining rooms harmoniously. Use these seven tips to blend your space from room to room, layer by layer, creating integrity and harmony throughout your home.

1. Be Inspired. Adding color to your entire home is like adding color to a single room, just on a larger scale. Inspiration becomes a map that can guide you through the process. Find inspiration from artwork, photos of a special vacation, or just the colors of nature outside of your home. Pull colors from the inspiration and use throughout your home.

2. Choose 3–5 Colors. From your inspiration, choose two or three neutral colors and one or two accent colors. By limiting your color palette to three to five colors, your home will feel well-thought-out and simple, not cluttered and confusing. TIP: Consider accent colors of a complimentary hue to add interest and contrast to your home.

3. Choose Colors with the Same Undertones or in the Same Color Family. What makes a beige the right beige? Or a white the perfect white? Every color, even a neutral, has an undertone. Stick to the same undertones, or colors in the same family, to create a harmonious home.

4. Alternate Neutral and Accent Colors. Once your colors scheme has been selected, consider alternating neutrals with accent colors in your home. Placing bright accent colors side by side may come across too bold and competitive. Neutrals side by side lacks interest and will make your walls appear flat and uninteresting. By alternating neutral and accent colors, walls appear at different depths, giving a visual break from room to room, helping you visually divide up open rooms.

5. Match Moldings. Matching moldings in all your rooms by painting the trim white or staining wood trim the same color will bring the different colored rooms together, while still allowing each to have its own color personality.

6. Define with Furnishings, Rugs, Curtains, and Upholstery. With walls painted in an inspired and harmonious color scheme, furnishings, rugs, curtains and upholstery can help define each room and give your space even more personality. The walls may match, but the rooms can each be distinct and unique. Look to your original inspiration, but focus on the accent colors in each room to bring in layers of texture, patterns and movement to create your blended, colorful home.

7. Remind with Accessories. Accessories are a final opportunity to tie the rooms back together, reminding rooms of shared color. Consider adding three elements to each room in a favorite accent color. For example, in the living room, add yellow pillows and a yellow throw; in the dining room, add a vase of yellow flowers and yellow cushions to the chairs; in the kitchen, add a jar of yellow lemons, and a few yellow dishes.

Now off to blend!!

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