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homemade yakisoba

 Happy Monday! Monday is my favorite day of the week so here is a recipe to celebrate!

Here is what you'll need...
1 pack of sliced baby bella mushrooms
1 pack of frozen stir fry mix (you can use fresh steamed veggies but I was in a hurry)
1 pack of YakiSoba stir fry noodles
garlic salt
soy sauce or teryaki sauce
(you can also add chicken if you want)

Place the frozen veggies & mushrooms together in a pan.
Season with pepper and garlic salt.
Place the lid on and let it cook & steam
Follow the directions on the noodle package.
Put the noodles in the pan & add some teryaki or soy sauce depending on what you like.
Season some more and enjoy!

Really yummy if you love Yakisoba!!

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