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little changes can make a big impact

I LOVVVVE my acid mirror. I love it so much that I move it from room to room and and just repaint the frame every time. The first picture is it in my living room with a shabby peach color and 2nd pic is more GLAMMED up in my bedroom. Well since I've decided to go another way with my bedroom this little baby MIGHT get a new spot or a new color. I recently added white SHABBY LACE curtains to my bedroom and man I LOVE those! It brightens up my whole room since it is a gray/stone color. I'm loving how its turning out with the white lace curtains...exactly the look I was first going for but then started turning into a different way. Next I'll be repainting night stands and shabbying those up real goooood.

So for now the question is...where will this go next/ what color will it be!? I'm not sure. The place it's in now, well I have a whole new idea for that spot. Something that hits close to my heart.

I have a great idea for my awesome frame too and will need to purchase another one to go on my hubby's side of the bed. Lamps needs redoing and accessories changed to... slowly but surely. The lists just keeps growing so I'm taking it one day at a time.

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