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kilz week- super easy shabby frame

This is a SUPPPPER easy way to get a shabby old distressed looked in less than 5 minutes!! My go way now! It instantly creates SHABBY without any hard work!

kilz paint
craft paint in the color of your choice
old bowl
paint brush
steel wool

-Place 1/2 of KILZ in an old bowl
-mix a few drops of craft paint into the KILZ and mix it up and keep adding until you get the desired color.

 start off by painting (dry brushing) your frame. My was already gold so I dry brushed the paint right on kinda thick

Then once I did the whole thing I took some steel wool and ran it over the paint to make it looked kinda of cracked and old.

This is a close up after I started the steel wool. After you are all done you could (if you wanted to) add a clear top coat so you could wipe it down. I did not. I left it flat and roughed up.

This was super easy that I decided to do more with Kilz! Keep checking back for more projects!

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