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make every day count as a mommy

Happy Mother's day! I just wanted to take a quick second to wish all of the hard working moms a Happy Mother's Day! We all know that every mom works hard. Wiping faces & booties, cooking, cleaning, getting kids dressed, brushing their teeth, making bottles or taking the time to breastfeed. Picking up all the toys that the kids dragged out on top of laundry from the 5 outfit changes your messy toddler had today.

Let's get's a lot of work and sometimes more often than not, exhausting. There are times you want to pull your hair out when the kids are fighting. There are times you just need to go into the other room and take a breath. Everyone is pulling you in different directions. Mom I need this, mom I need that, Mom can you do this, Mom can you do that? Just wait one second! Time out. Breathe.

But.....then there are days that are absolutely rewarding and make you happy & proud. Those times out weigh the stress and make everything worth it. The hand picked flowers, little scribbles that were drawn just for you, mud pies and when they tried so hard to do something you asked them to do. It's worth it. When their little faces smile back at you. You just know they think you are the most special mommy in the world. They love with all of their heart and you love them right back.

There will be a day when there won't be fingerprints on the walls, toys on the floor or little scribble drawings that they say is supposed to be a kitty. There won't be anymore wiping booties, getting them dressed or giving them a bath. The days where they run to you with tears in their eyes because they scraped their knee will be gone. There will be a day, and I'm not ready for that. So for now, cherish everyday that you have with them while they are little. Time flies so fast. Make everyday count as a Mommy and remember you are Super Mom to them.

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