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no time fo reals

So...I slacked on you...MAJORLY...KILZ week was supposed to be a whole week of KILZ projects. Didn't finish it. Boo. I've been so busy and I have once again been neglecting my blog for the gagillionth time.

I think I have been lacking energy and inspiration lately and feel like everyone is pulling me all different ways. With blogging for Baby Swags, my jewelry, being a mommy and wife plus church and family and everything else I'm friggin pooped! On top of that there is laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, a dog that needs grooming, a fish bowl that needs cleaning and my car needs to be washed and vaccuumed out. Can't I just hire a maid? Fo reals! I'd rather sit my happy booty in bed, watch the bachelorette and paint my nails. Atleast I look forward to that every week! Cleaning can wait right?

So I guess the question is for all of you blogging mommies is...HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME AND ENERGY TO BLOG?

I love my baby blog. I want to see it grow and thrive but I guess the only  thing that is stopping me is myself.  Do you set a certain time each day to sit down and blog? I seriously LOVE blogging but somethings gotta change here.

I look back my older posts when I first started and it was interesting content, I was funny, personal and let people into my life. Now not so much. What the heck! I apologize for not really being me or being bland because I am far from that in real life.

Well back to the drawing board for inspiration, better content and a vision. MAYBE just MAYBE you will see some changes around here.

Love to you all.

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