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a simple life

Lately, I have been day dreaming of having a simple life, simple home. Everything having a place and in it's place. Sigh. I stare at all my pins on pinterest of simple organized spaces. How is it that they can have it but I struggle so much to keep every toy in it's place and no dishes in the sink! Can it really be that hard?

( found off of Pinterested. this is not the original www.1.bp.blogspot.com ..if you know the original owner please let me know!)

So how do we determine what we need, what we should keep and what we need to let go of. How do we break it down into simplicity? I'm guilty of hanging onto too much stuff. What about the toys? My kids have a lot of toys but every one of them gets played with! I don't know where to start!

I'm seriously considering getting this book on my kindle...it's time for changes as a lot is going to be changing. Time to get organized for the jillionth try. Most importantly I need to learn how to let things go!

Let's enjoy a simple life.

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