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weekend mani


USUALLY I dive deep into my polish box every monday night while watching the Bachelorette or Bachelor BUT since the Giants baseball game is what occupies my home while the hubby is home and we have multiple things recording, My show takes a back seat til I get some alone time to watch it. So now I no longer have my little mani Monday's to myself. Mani Monday's have been replaced with Weekend Mani since my hubby is gone fri-sun for work. Yay for ME time when the kids go to bed. I know I am not the best nail painter in the world but nothing is perfect!

For this mani I used SINFUL COLORS

Happy Saturday!

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Kimberly said...

I love that nail polish brand! It comes in so many great colors and for $1.99 each?! YES PLEASE! I usually find mine at Target and Walgreens. I'm loving the glitter! :)