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back to school wreath how to

What you will need:
Dollar Store wreath
piece of cork board
ruler (dollar store)
plastic apple
paint brushes (dollar store)
empty crayon box (dollar store)
wooden apple cutout
cute buttons
ribbon of your choice
fake flowers of your choice ( I used daisies, mini roses and a big yellow peony from the dollar store)
Fake Ivy, fall leaves and sprigs of decor
Yellow Tulle
Raffia ribbon
Black Spray Paint
 small ABC wooden letters
red craft paint
green craft paint
brown craft paint
black craft paint
hot glue gun & glue sticks

Piece of cork board lines with black grosgrain ribbon, star button, painted ABC wooden letters with black polka dots, yellow ruler ribbon bow. Painted wooden apple cutout

Paint brushes glued side by side with ruler ribbon bow and red heart button

1. Spray paint the plain wreath black let dry
2. paint apple cutout and ABC letters, let dry
3. ruffle yellow tulle a quarter of the way around and hot glue down
3. glue on ruler
5. glue paint brushes together and add bow with button
6. glue brushes, plastic apple and crayon box on
7. Cut out square piece of cork board and line with black grosgrain ribbon
8. glue on ABC letters
9. add ruler ribbon bow and button star
10. glue cork board and wooden apple cut out next to the ruler
11. add a cute button to the end of the ruler
12. fill in yellow tulle with fake flowers, ivy, raffia ribbon, decor sprigs and fall leaves
13. add a loop of ribbon to the back for hanging!

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