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cha cha changes and a lot of them

There are lots of changes going on in my house. Every single stinking room kinda changes...
We bought this house almost 2 years ago and I have never fully decided what my plan was going to be. I always change my mind. I started out with dark beige walls. yuck. what was I thinking for the entire how. Talk about blah zay. Sooooo after 2 years my entire house is getting fresh paint.
What a difference. Makes me so happy!
My dad had 20 gallons of this glidden paint in his garage. Newly purchased. It is called "Natural Wicker by Glidden"
SO all the main walls such as hallways and and some walls in the living room are going to be this color.
Complete wall transformation, brightening up and making me happy...$0!
Then there is the NEVER ENDING bathroom.
I say never ending because for 2 years it has been under constuction.
I've had plans for this space and not enough time.
(or I should say my dad hasn't had time for my plans just yet)
At least I am finishing the painting so I can do the wall treatment!
 This chandy will be hung over the kitchen sink.... I decided not to paint it because of my overall kitchen plans. want to keep it old looking.
 These babies are getting makeovers and will be going in the master bathroom and guest bathroom
I've been changing my decor around a little here and there and adding new things. I LOVE this owl!
Found at Ross for 7.99
I've also been plainting new bushes in the backyard.
These gardenia's smell amazing!!
I've also been freshening up the planters by the front door. I added blueberry ruffle lavender. Smells so good!
Just thought I'd update you through all the home improvement chaos!
Did I mention that I want to repaint my bedroom?

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