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give junky chandeliers a chance

There are SO many DIY things out there. SO many supplies and ideas especially on the web. Pinterest is oozing with ideas, DIY and inspiration. Whenever I need to be inspired, I always look to Pinterest.
By doing things DIY style, you can turn something drab to fab. I personally love rummaging through junk and thrift stores to find hidden treasures just waiting to be glammed up.
My latest find include 2 chandeliers.
I have been looking for what seems to be forever for a semi huge chandelier to hang in a special place in my house. I finally found one that was good enough to try and give a makeover!

 This lady has 12 arms. yay! 2 tiered. double yay. I found this at a local ReStore (habitat for humanity). If you don't already look there, you should! I have BIG plans for this ol gal.

 I then found this in my dad's garage a few days ago. Come to Mama!!! Hidden glam up on a shelf. I have a special place for this baby. Not sure what kind of makeover it will get. Cleaning it up for now until I figure out my plans....
Then remember this $4 chandy?
filthy...missing hardware...
I turned it into...
So my advice is... dont pass up amazing ugly chandys! They really is amazing potential in every one. Nothing spray paint and crystals can't fix!

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