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o.m.g i need a makeover

Ok. ok. It's here. It's here. ANNND yes I am doing this with 2 hours to spare. For reals.
I am in DIY'ER (get it?) need of a room makeover.
Not just any makeover but a VINTAGE REVIVALS room makeover!!
Cue the potty in the pants.
Remember this from last year?
Yeah I was so excited to enter that I decided to put on some depends.
There is SO many things I want to say and plead my case and yada yada BUT here it is plain and simple...
My dining room/kitchen is BLAH ZAY!
I'd love for a an awesome makeover MADALICIOUS style.
I'm a young mom of 2 and my kitchen is the heart of my home.
I think it needs to be made awesome becuz hey I cook and serve awesomeness to my babies and hubby here.
I think it would be AMAZING if Mandi came to my house and completely redid a KITCHEN! MY KITCHEN!!
I want a space that I'm not embarrassed of and can host family parties and have friends over!
I dare her to come and take this on!
Wouldn't you love to see her take a builder grade of crud, beige walls and blahness to the next level?
Completely from scratch. Do as you please!?
you see nothing! I need a new table and decor!!!
The dining area flows into the kitchen. All one space.
pretty much sums it up!
Help MANDI!!! Come work your amazingness in CALIFORNIA!

We'd have so much freakin fun in between the hard work!

I'm ready for an overhaul! Willing to work!
I'm so late in doing this I'll try to add more pics tomorrow!
Thanks girls!

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Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

SO glad that you entered again!!! It would be AMAZING to change up your builder basic kitchen!! Good luck my dear!

Love your guts