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fabric flower headband tutorial

scrap of chiffon fabric in 2 colors
scraps of felt
glue gun
embellishments ( i used flat back pearls and tiny vintage brooches found at Michaels)
stretchy headband (premade or I made mine myself)
*you can also seal the ends with  anti- fray or lighter
1. cut 8, 2.5in cirlces in each chiffon color
2. cut 1.25in circle of felt
3.after you cut out all of your circles, fold each chiffon circle in half and put a tiny dab of glue in between to hold it.
4. Then take each side of the folded circle and fold it into itself (see picture below) and place a dab of glue to hold it.
Place a dab of glue in the center of the felt circle and place one of the chiffon cones on it. Then place a dab of glue right on top of the end of the cone already glued down. Place another cone opposite side and glue with point right on top of the other point, just where you put the dab of glue.
Keep gluing on the points and stacking on top of each other so that you end up with a full circle.
You will have 4 cones on the bottom layer. (photo above has 4 cones)
Then starting adding your 2nd layer by doing the same as the 1st. Dab of glue right in the center and point on the center. Start by adding the first cone where there looks to be an empty space.
There are 4 cones on top.
Once you have glues all 8 cones then you can add your embellishments.
Do the same thing for the 2nd flower.
Glue each flower onto the headband however you like. I kinda squished mine together a little.
Then I places a piece of felt on the back to hold the headband in place in between the flowers and the felt backing.
( The flowers already had circle felt backs but I decided to give more support)
I then added the little vintage brooch where I squished the flowers together.


natalsie said...

If only I had proper fingers instead of being all thumbs (don't let the photos fool you)! This is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

So pretty and feminine! They'd make great Christmas presents for some of the girls in my family. Might have to do some shopping for supplies!