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it's hump day yay

Finally, it's Wednesday. Hump day! So here's some things to help you get through the next 2 days. Sorry in advance.
Kermit how could you!

I guess that'd be a yes. Keep your clothes on.

read the fine print and then only hump if you're married. If he like it he better put a ring on it.

ALSO NOTE: if you search for HUMP DAY on Pinterest beware. Lots of women's booties. Like LOTS in underwear. BABY GOT BACK! Yes they are beautiful bootys but come on people!

Ok, ok.... nuff bout that.

 I'm looking forward to the weekend because it's a 4 day weekend for my son! So no school Friday or Monday....which then that equals not jumping out of bed, making school lunches and getting the little grumpy bears out of bed to rush around and then drop off the oldest at school. This momma can relax, (except for the cleaning on planning on...I freaking hate laundry) not get dressed and do as I please with no where to be.

I've had a lot of my plate lately... the past few days in instagram style.

 Bridal jewelry deadline along with other orders...
glitter tulle bags filled with jewelry ready to ship off for a bride.

hanging out with my kids at the park and spending time with them. you know the mommy things of life.
running errands with the girl while the boy is at school. She's a total ham. I find the best things on Target clearance when this girl shops with me, but that's another post. She calls me her "shopping mommy." "I love you shopping mommy"

and then there is this. Not sure how I feel about this. Baby boy recieved a Red Ryder BB Rifle for his 6th bday. Last year I said NOOOO way to it. This year Grandpa bought it. I know boys need to be boys. I'm not sure why I get so worried. This is NOT allowed to be in the house. Completely hidden in the garage from the boy because he's a little too independent sometimes. Better to be safe than sorry.

Sorry for the randomness...One week til Halloween!!

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