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weekend mani - berry sparkly

It's finally the weekend..Yes! Atleast it's a 4 day weekend for the kids.
I must admit that I took this pic a while after I actually painted my nails and they already started chipping a little. I do love the berry pink color and multi colored sparkles mixed together.
For this I painted my ring finger with all over sparkles and my thumb with sparkles just on the bottom.
 SINFULCOLORS in "dream on"
Wet N Wild in "Party of five glitters"

While we're on the topic of nails...what do you think of these nails trends?

Would you ever try the duck nail trend?
As a mom, how are you supposed to wipe buns and change diapers with those things without harming the baby!
Or how about getting poop under those suckers!?
I myself would NOT try these trends. Not saying those nail artists aren't talented because I myself can't whip up that acrylicness nor text on my phone with them!
So what's your opinion?
(images taken from google)


meandmr.com said...

Wow, what crazy nails, too fun!

Sabz said...

ya, i dont know about the duck trend. i mean, to each her own!

new follower from the gfc collective! hope you come over and check out my blog as well! :)


Anonymous said...

Def NOT! I can barely clasp a necklace with my own nails when they are grown out. They are artisitc though.