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20 things about me

Recently, my friend over at Shabby Kitteh wrote 20 things about herself in this post  and tagged all of her fans. So while  drinking my hot chocolate this morning and eating M&Ms (don't judge my morning snack) I decided to jump on it and share some things about myself that you may not know.
20 things about me
1. I'm in love with Target. Especially when they clearance amazing stuff to practically nothing!
2. I used to kiss my Backstreet boy posters and act like Nick was my boyfriend.
(here's a little story: I was so obsessed with BSB in the 5th & 6th grade that for my birthday, my best friend at the time wrote a letter acting like she was Nick and left it on my front porch with some flowers and I TOTALLY thought it was from him and cried)
3. I got married 2 weeks after my 19th birthday and have been married to my hubby for almost 7 years now. Love that man!
4. I LOVE candy. Especially milk duds and chocolate!. I could live off of candy and eat it every day
5. I have a mini labradoodle dog.
6. Justin Beiber has one of my men's necklaces from Teryn Ashley Jewelry. Kinda funny to me.
7. I blog regularly for a Celebrity PR Company and just got asked to start writing for Tots to Teens Magazine blog!
8. I can't draw hardly anything! Some cutesy doodles but I am not talented with drawing!
9. I  graffitied a huge Political sign on the side of the road in the 7th grade. Someone running for Mayor. I took a big sharpie and drew devils horns and a Hitler mustache along with other doodles.
10. I was a competitive all-star cheerleader for 7 years and even on a co-ed squad. I was always the flyer and was even the Sr. Cheer Captian. Hardcore Cheerleader here!
11. I am growing my hair out to be all of my natural color. It's killing me and I'm rethinking the decision. It's been over a year now since my last dye job.
12. I don't have any tattoos but I do have my belly button pierced and used to have my nose pierced.
13. I used to work for Paul Mitchell before I had kids.
14. I was a freelance make-up artist at Macy's. I left that job to work for Paul Mitchell. I can do other women's make-up WAY better than I can do my own. I really don't wear that much anymore which I want to change!
15. I just sold my sports car and finally got a mommy SUV after 6 years of raising kids in a mustang! Now that I have an SUV I was crazy to cart kids around in a sports car!
16. I absolutely hate it if empty hangers are hanging up in the closet, cabinets doors aren't closed and chairs arent pushed in if people aren't sitting in them.
17. I have this weird love for buying cleaning supplies and candles. It motivates me!
18. I change my christmas tree decor every year. I never do the same look. I always change colors and mix & match ornaments from years prior and make new ones.
19. I love rollercoasters! Since having kids I somehow can no longer go on the ones that spin. I used to love the spinning ones! Also, the bigger the better!
20. I've had breakfast with MercyMe and met Casting Crowns.


Bre said...

A few that popped out to me- hello, target is amazing. justin bieber? that's crazy! and I'm sorry but no BSB, all N'Sync lol
I'm a little behind but I wanted to say thank you for linking up with the GFC Collective & following! Hope you acquired some new friends :)
Bre @ Peacoats and Plaid

Jess said...

I love that you were a cheerleader. I was too, and a gymnast. In fact, it's how I injured my back. Sometimes I miss it though.

and yes, I love Target as well ... I can't seem to get out without spending $50!