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Dreams do come true

Today is a SUPER special Friday for my family. After 7 years a dream is coming true @ 3:00pm.

You see, ever since my hubby and I were in highschool, he has dreamed of being a Firefighter. It took 7 years to go through each step. EMT, then Paramedic, Fire Academys and getting all of ther certs needed to get a full time fire position. California has been horrible with laying off firefighters and NOT hiring like ever. So for 7 years we prayed for an open door. Most importantly the RIGHT open door and not just any open door. There were tears, FRUSTRATION, sadness, heart break, ups and downs, being told no, let downs, broken promises from people (not God) and closed doors. Closed door after door. There had been times where he was the next one on the list, the best candidate and then the city decides they aren't going to hire after all. That was just God's way of closing those doors.

Throughout the years we never questioned if this was God's will but rather than God when?! Now as we look back on the path that God led us through, everything my husband endured  got him qualified for this dream job. Even when he was just picking up sticks and miserable.

But, HERE WE ARE! 7 years of trying, 2 kids, a few moves and buying a new house later...

Today at 3:00pm I will gladly stand by my husband's side at his Fire Academy Graduation, be handed his badge and gently pin it on his uniform. THIS moment will be a moment of everything we have ever dreamed about coming true. THIS moment is the moment God had planned. He ordered his steps just to get to this city and this moment. With tear filled eyes and a big smile on my face I will make him an official full time big city department firefighter. I am truly honored and so thankful to God for making my husbands dream come true.

I admire his strength and courage to fight when no one else wants to and save people's lives. He runs in as people run out and he is now a true HERO.

Congratulations to Academy # 2112!


Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

I'm your newest follower. :) Would love for you to come say hi at Sugar and Dots sometime! <3 XO, Kimmie http://www.SugarAndDots.com

nadine said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! praise God for fulfilling His promises. i teared up reading your post. so proud of you and your husband for clinging onto his calling. may God bless and protect him!

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

I love your heart & devotion to God & your husband.