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Fall 2012 Home Decor Trends

Lavender & Navy tones
Many times as women, we struggle with trying not to go too girly when decorating a room. We all know that some husbands hate that they  could be be  living in pink foo foo. Luckily, my hubby never complains. I change decor like I change underwear and thats everyday!
The perfect way to blend femininity and masculinity is with lavender & navy tones. The navy balances out the girlyness of the purple. That is why this is one of the Fall 2012 home decor trends.
Tip: Try to stick to one or two shades of navy, and one or two shades of lavender. Once you start adding too many shades into the mix, your décor beings to pull away from the clean, crisp look the trend intended for.
If you love one color more than the other try using your favorite for the main colors such as wall colors, bedspreads or rug.
Architectural Mirrors
I am a sucker for mirrors. I have more than 20 in my house. As soon as I finish one wall I will get to show you!
Mirrors add light, make a room appear bigger and are beautiful.
Depending on the frame used, these mirrors can add a rustic vibe, or a completely modern feel. Our favorite architectural mirrors have an ornate wooden frame to them. Place one over the mantle or lean one against the wall on an entryway table, and you’ll instantly give your space more dimension and character. Look for a detailed metal frame, if you’re looking for a modern look.
Tip: Can’t find a mirror with the ornate framework you want? Make one! Take an old window and remove the glass. A hardware store or a glass shop can replace the glass with a mirror that will fit perfectly. Or, take a mirror you already own and add pieces of a vintage doorframe so that they fit around the shape of the mirror.
There’s no denying that velvet is luxurious and beautiful. This fall, home décor designers are under its spell and are creating pieces for the home that highlight the material.

 You’ll find fabric being used in chairs, pillows and drapes. Because velvet can be quite showy, it’s important to only add touches of it throughout your entire home. More than one velvet piece in a room can begin to look overdone.

We adore velvet pillows on a bed. In this case, we would suggest matching them to your current color scheme to get the most life out of them. To really bring fall to your home, look for drapes for your dining room or family room in deep fall shades; plum, grey, Chianti and forest green.

I personally love velvet and that's why I used it for my daughter's Glam Headboard and see it updated HERE.

Make sure your home has some added glow this season, with hints of shimmer throughout.
Shimmer is one of the best trends to hit the home décor world; just as it adds something special to our clothing, it can do the same for any room in your home.
These hints of metallic are most popular when used in the fabric on chairs, curtains and pillows. The key is to keep the shimmer subtle so it complements, rather than dominates, the space. Our favorite shades for shimmer décor include grey, lavender, cream and blue. These tones add a light airy feel.
Whether your home has dark wood furniture or white furniture, hints of shimmer work well with both of these tones.

Ive been seeing a lot of shimmer!
Unique uses for doors
Doors have always been one of the focal points on a home’s exterior.
A pretty door is often considered more welcoming. Because of this, doors come in a variety of styles; some simple, some ornate. This variety of designs is one of the reasons we love repurposing doors, and why it has become such a huge trend to do so.
Besides being eco-friendly, repurposing an old door is really fun! It can add a vintage feel to your home too. We often see doors being used, just as they are, for dinner tables. This works great in a country-style or rustic home.
Other unique uses for doors include room dividers, wall art, seating and storage. If you have access to a door, this trend is a great way to save money on a new piece of furniture. If you don’t, check your local Goodwill for cabinet doors that can supplement for a large door.
*You can also look at The Re-Store because they always have tons of doors for next to nothing. For me personally, where I live the goodwill is outrageously priced for being used things. I dont know why. I always see bloggers saying how cheap their goodwill is and the D.I. =( Not here. Only some things are cheap.
(  images and some info found at goodwillamazing.com)

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