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Guess you can't find true L.O.V.E on T.V


I must admit something...I'm a sucker for T.V romance. Especially The Bachelor & Bachelorette. I get sucked into who's going home for the week, who did what and OH NO SHE DIDN'T! As pathetic as it is, it's my "ME" time. Kids go to bed, mommy puts on DVR and paints her nails while watching these so called "connections." After every season finale, and yes, season after stinkin season you think OOOO they are gonna live happily ever after, beautiful couple OR you yell out WHY DID SHE PICK THAT LOSER and get so mad! There is always so much hope and optimism. What girl wouldn't be swept off her feet with a gigantic ring, helicopter rides, traveling around the world and the best food all while holding onto a buff arm.

THEN reality sets in. I wonder what really goes on after the cameras and lights aren't on and they nestle into everyday life, live together and blend their families. You realize pretty fast with all of the media that it just isn't going to work out.

Recently we've seen Ben & Courtney and Emily & Jeff break up. Even Ali & Roberto didn't work out!  I wonder if Ben & Emily think they chose the wrong one and wish they could go back and pick the runner up instead. I wonder if "real" personalities come out.

With me being a big fan of the show, I'm really getting tired of everyone breaking up! What a waste of time and money! They have a HORRIBLE record of successful marriages. When will they finally stop the show and give up? I bet there is so much pressure on the Bachelors and Bachelorettes to pick someone and that's why they just pick the best for them and not the right person for them. All I know is that I'm so thankful that God put my hubby in my life and I didn't have to go searching for love.

All that drama makes you how blessed we really are!

So my conclusion is that with the records of success for TV romance, it's very slim to find your prince among all the frogs on camera.

(and yes, I'll still be a sucker and watch every episode)

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