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The Nate Berkus Collection for Target

Hi. I'm Teryn and I am a Target addict. Whew. There I said it. I got it off my chest and I know there are millions of you gals that are right there with me!

Target is UH-Mazing! I am a sucker for their clearance because let's face it. You can find amazing things for next to nothing. That's when I go in for the kill.

So while browsing my local targets ( yes, i check a few quite often just for the clearance) I came across Nate Berkus' home decor line!

I am a huge fan of mostly everything that design machine does. I take his advice and used to watch his show every morning before it went off the air. That dude knows what he's doing. So, when I saw  his face and name at the end of one of the isles I ran and almost squealed!

I personally think his line for Target is a little on the modern manly glam side. Even with the decor being a little man-ish glamour ( not sure if that's a word but I'm using it) I would still buy some of the pieces.

Let's take a look!

“Your home should feel collected and assembled over time”
The Nate Berkus Collection
Exclusively at Target


There's accessories, bedding and bathroom decor that all have a earthy glam vibe. I personally love the gold vases, studded tray, black & white chevron vase and the metallic gold striped pillow.

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Positively Amy said...

OOOOhhhhh, my gosh, Nate <3 I love him so much. I seriously almost cried when his show got cancelled.

OK, now I need to go to Target tonight... ; )