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Weekend Mani: Gel Polish

Lately, I've been eyeballing these DIY at home gel polish kits. I REALLY want to try one. I've heard amazing things from friends who all go to the salon to get gel manicures. I'm more of an at home nail girl because I like to change my polish all the time. I might just take the plunge one day and buy this kit!

Up to 2 Weeks of Dazzling, Damage-Proof Wear
SensatioNail's™ Starter Kit has everything you need for a salon-quality gel manicure in 3 easy steps. The exclusive PRO 3060 LED lamp delivers super-gloss shine and zero dry time!
Invincible Gel Polish
  • 3 Easy Steps
  • No Dry Time
  • Super-Gloss Shine
You Have Better Things To Do than Your Nails
Do you love the look of polish, but find it chips within a day or two? Have you ever gotten a manicure and then reached for your keys and ruined it? Now you can get a sensationally shiny, sensationally stunning, sensationally sturdy 2 week manicure with SensationNail™. Nails are 100% dry and you're ready for action. Even after 2 weeks your color is still stunning and super-shiny. It's...Sensational™.
  • Gel cleanser
  • Gel primer
  • Color gel polish
  • Get base & top coat
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Double sided nail buffer
  • Manicure stick
  • LED lamp included
  • Instruction sheet

You can also buy individual colors. I've seen these at Walmart and I've also seen the start kits there too!

I found the kit HERE for 49.99

Here are some things I've learned about  gel manis...

It has STAYING POWER! Pretty painted nails make you feel confident. For a color that lasts,A must for the busy holiday season. You'll have that glossy, just painted look for 2 weeks and is worth the splurge. I've even heard that it doesn't chip at all!

Give your nails some BREATHING ROOM! Acetone remover can dry out nails so try to avoid back to back gel manis. Also try cuticle oil nightly.

What girl wouldn't want a chip free glossy mani for 2-3 weeks?

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?


Linny said...

I've been wanting to try these! Thanks for the review!

ylenia said...

Hey nice blog here! Visit mine and let me know what you think, maybe we could follow each other!

Kelly ~ Our Everyday Harvest said...

I have been eying these out! I may have to give them a try!

Thank you for linking up at this week’s Harvest of Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

Anonymous said...

I'm so out of the loop I've never even heard of these! But, I'd love to try them...sounds perfect for me.

Thanks for linking up with the GtKY hop! Hope to see you again next week =)

Anonymous said...

I've really been wanting to try this, but I'm so leery because the price is a little much. I'd have to see it in action first.

Oh, and I found your blog on the GFC Collective. :) Have a great week.