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Elf on the Shelf & 2 printables

Elfie is back...
I haven't really been doing anything amazing with him.
Just moving him around a lot but I wanted to share with you our little adventure because I said I would...
He made his appearance by sitting in the Christmas tree.
 Sneaky lil dude! He then TP'd the bathroom chandelier (bathroom under construction for the past 2 years so don't judge k? even the chandy needs to be painted because thats primer!)
Next morning Elfie was caught ziplining from the curtain rod to the ceiling fan.
The kids were amazed how he tied the rope.
The ELF EXPRESS delivered this in the mailbox... Letter from Santa with glitter inside!
The Santa Envelope can be found HERE
Print on cardstock then cut out, fold and use a gluestick
Official Santa Claus stationary can be found HERE
He was very thirsty after eating some cookies and was found drinking the milk in the fridge...( I couldn't find a straw long enough)
Next morning he was found resting in my daughter's Christmas tree in her room...
Next week I'll be sharing more of Elfie's stay here!

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Emmett Katherine said...

this is too cute! my sister go my niece an Elf on the Shelf last christmas and she was afraid of it!