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Lauren Conrad's DIY Glitter Garland

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Lauren Conrad. I love just about anything that she does. She has great style, beauty tips galore and she is also and DIY'er.
I wanted to share with you today a super cute Christmas DIY project straight from her website .
It looks super easy and you can make it to say anything! Endless possibilites!
Here are her directions!
Here’s what you will need:
  • cardboard or poster board
  • scissors
  • an X-ACTO knife
  • spray adhesive
  • glitter
  • masking tape
  • twine
  1. Using a ruler, divide your sheets of cardboard into eight evenly spaced boxes (one will be left over). Use the boxes to ensure that your letters are even in size as you draw them out.
  2. Cut out your letters, using the X-ACTO knife for hard-to-reach spots such as the insides of the ‘B’ and ‘R.’
  3. Apply spray adhesive to your letters and sprinkle with glitter. Allow your letters to dry for at least a half an hour, and then shake off any excess glitter. (Note: This step is messy, so you may want to do it outside or lay down plenty of newspaper.)
  4. String your letters by attaching the twine to their backs with masking tape. Hang and enjoy!

You can upload yours to her website if you make one!

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