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Timree Gold is Amazing!

I have a little secret....I have a crush on some paintings. Not just any paintings but paintings like these. They are beautiful, unique and have that girly glam that I love!

Totally adorable and I'd be so happy to have one of these in my daughter's room. I'm drooling over that Coco Chanel Bottle! So, you ask...who is this AMAZINGly talented artist? Where can I get one of those paintings? Well, I have all the info for you! Better yet you can actually take a class and learn how right in the studio! I'll  be putting that on my bucket list before I turn 30....(I have a little over 4 years. eek!)

Meet Timree Gold.... World renown artist, Timree Gold of Newport Beach, is sought after for the most personalized and custom gifts. Timree captures peoples memories and favorite things with her paintbrush. Her distinct creative concepts and style brings life and charm to any room.
Timree grew up in Orange County, CA in a family filled with artists. Being surrounded by creativity, Timree had the confidence to play with art and create her own style. She attended Chico State University where she graduated with a degree in Interior Design as well as studied at the American Institute in Aix-en-Provence, France.
Timree began by painting and personalizing dishes as a way to earn additional money in college. She had gotten the idea while creating window displays at a local Chico store called “Made in Chico. She needed a personal touch to make the windows look just right and created her first line of dishes to display in the windows. Timree soon began taking orders for her custom dishes and was ready to take her talents to the next level.
After graduating from Chico State, Timree moved back to her home of Newport Beach, CA and began painting dishes in her neighbor’s garage. In 2001 she had her first big break at the Orange County’s Juniour Leage Christmas Company where she sold over 300 dishes in 4 days. There she began to develop a loyal customer base and established herself as a local artist.

In 2004, Timree’s business was steadily growing and she moved herself and her business into an apartment. She was able to live her dream as an artist as well as being presented with terrific opportunities. Timree licensed her artwork to a stationery company that was later nominated for a Louis Award; one of the highest honors in the business. Timree was also selected to paint custom artwork for the 2004 American Music Award’s celebrity gift baskets, which she personally presented to the performers, including artists Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi and Snoop Dogg. Her eclectic clientele allowed her to take her designs to the next level.

By 2006 Timree had launched her line of designs of dishes as well as staionery in more that 100 stores nationwide. In 2007 Timree began to branch out and started painting and designing childrens rooms along with canvas’. Her childrens rooms are known to be one of the most charming and enganging rooms in a house. Her distict style and reputation has sent her to paint rooms across the country. However her biggest project and request yet sent Timree international to the Venice Film Festival in Italy. There she was requested to paint for celebrites such as George Clooney, Spike Lee, Charlize Theron, Scarlette Johanson, Quenton Tarantino, Richard Gere and the list goes on. She was noted in German, French, Swiss, Italian, and of course the States press.

How amazing is that fact that you can take a class or have a paint party at her studio?! Paint classes and Girls Night Out are $50 per person and include all the paint supplies. Paint Parties start at $400 and include 6 people for 2 hours. Additional $50 per person.

*Party includes all painting supplies -

Book up to 17 people per party
 -Drinks, mini appetizers
and treats are encouraged…
  Bring something to sip as Timree gives you paint tips
 -All participates
shall paint the same painting… however you may choose whatever colors you would like to suit
your style. Prior to event…you may request a theme of painting…
 You may come 30 minutes early to your event to set up.
You can even get a PRIVATE SESSION for $275 for 2 hours. You will be working side by side Timree! Amazing!
You can check out more info and her calendar for classes & parties HERE
Timree was even on The Real Housewives of Orange County when the Ladies stopped by for a Painting Party!
You can find her website HERE
Facebook HERE
Twitter HERE
Pinterest HERE
I hope you become a fan just like I am!


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I knew her work looked familiar. RHOC! I want these for my vanity room....when I get one. :)