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Dining Room in progress

When we first moved in my dining room looked like this... I added the vintage brass chandy that I found at a flea market...
Then I added drop cloth curtains and took out the table lead...added some cushions...thought I was on the right track...
I then striped my drop cloths... tutorial HERE
 I then started painting my whole house Natural Wicker by Glidden to lighten everything up. The builder beige was so drab! I switched tables with a major plan for this one, added a chevron rug for some glam and some baby blue trellis curtains... that black splotch on the wall? I was thinking of doing striped but decided NO
I then changed my mind AGAIN and took back the blue curtains... Notice I've painted more now? Still need to edge it in but look how much brighter it is! I bought some black and white trellis curtains with aqua sheers but it's looking too breakfast at tiffanys. NOT when I'm envisioning!! So back to plain drop cloth it is for a light and airy feel!

A while ago I posted my kitchen inspiration  HERE and then I changed my mind HERE

So now I know I can't make up my mind because once again I've changed my mind!

YUM! Glam and shabby. neutrals with aqua, pink, gold, wood, nailhead trim. Good thing I change my mind when my hubby's at work or else he'd see me being crazy in action and probably run!

My dining room do to list....

 paint, reupholster and add nailhead trim to chairs

get dining bench

get double wingback setee

hang mirror

drop cloth curtains


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Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh.You are so cute. I love the stripe curtains...but since you added the print rug I would go with a plain curtain. Can't wait to see what the out come is.