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Happy New Year and an update

I know I'm a week late in saying it but Hey, it's better late than never! That applies to Christmas cards also. I am totally guilty of mailing them off this past Friday. See I told you I was busy!

So you're wondering what I've been up to?

 Kindergarten Christmas programs for my son at school and then his class Christmas party....

Then my baby girl had her first ever ballet recital! Cue the tears. One proud mommy here even if we paid a butt load to see her on stage for 2 minutes. Her costume was expensive, 15 bucks a ticket, $20 dvd becuz there was no taping and $20 bucks for a picture becuz pics werent allowed and $10 for flowers. Raped I tell you! It was all worth it to see the joy on her face though.

She woke up sick with strep throat the morning of her recital. =(
I quickly snapped this pic of her on stage before anyone saw me!
Then Christmas came...
We made homemade ornaments and I was too busy to even take pics and blog about it...

I quickly snapped this loving pic of my 2 babies after the christmas program to made it into my christmas cards...

The day after Christmas I took down ALL the christmas decor and chucked the fresh tree and then I've been a cleaning mad woman!

I've started completely repainting my whole house! More on that later!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New year! Lots of projects to get done this year!

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honeypops said...

Beautiful children- I can really see you and your husband in their faces!