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Insta Gel Strips Review

Oh how I've missed all of you and my blog! I took some time off. Not really on purpose. I just have been going NON STOP since before Christmas. I knew I was slacking but jeez... Dec 18th?

It all started around Thanksgiving. Once Black Friday hit I've been super busy. I'm still busy and about to get even busier!

Monday I will be updating you with what I've been up to but for now let's check out some WEEKEND MANI stuff.

Right before Christmas I stumbled upon this Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit. It was on sale at Walgreens plus with coupons the whole kit came out to be $16! I couldn't pass up this deal. I have been obsessing over this gel polish trend and wanted to try it myself. More specifically, I wanted to try the at home starter kits but who wants to pay $69.99?
So when I found this mini kit with strips I had to snatch it up. I had NEVER used nail polish strips before. To be honest, I don't think I'll use them on all 10 fingers again. Maybe one accent nail. I know I probably didn't put them on right so within 2 days they started peeling up. Gel and all! It didn't fit my nail correctly. Totally dissapointing. Also, the color was horrible. Couldn't even see it on my nail. It was almost clear.
I went on the Sally Hansen website and all the other women were dissapointed with the gel strips as well. They all said they came right up and started peeling within hours.
However I am happy with having the mini light and gel top coat for 16 bucks. Can't beat that! I'll be trying some DIY things soon and putting the LED light to use!
For now, I'll leave you with some nail inspiration...



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